In this edition of EAT! Magazine, we have the rare opportunity to interview the main man behind the successful restaurants – Lunch, Almond, and L &W, Erick Lemonides.

Q: How did you start in the restaurant business?

A: My uncle used to have a restaurant. I would always stay there and talk to the bartenders and customers while eating my favorite dishes and sipping a glass of Pepsi. It really started at that time. My uncle would allow me to go to the kitchen to see how the food was prepared. I could go to the cash register. I was able to see different parts of the business until it seemed that the restaurant business was a big part of who I am.

Q: What was your favorite dish in your uncle’s restaurant?

A: Definitely steak frites and I love the good old spaghetti style! Those were the best food I had tasted during my younger years.

Q: How did you pursue a career in the restaurant field?

A: I studied business management in college because I already knew back then that I wanted to have my own restaurant and offer my own brand of service to the customers. I was also knowledgeable in the kitchen so I took some jobs in different Italian restaurants all the time observing and absorbing everything there is to know about the restaurant industry. And I learned a lot from that experience.

Q: You have opened three successful restaurants so far. How does it feel?

A: It definitely feels good. This is the realization of my childhood dream. It feels good when I see people appreciate our food and service. And I get to work with my friends so you can say that I have the best job in the world.

That ends our short chat with Erick. Til our next interview!