L&W Oyster is proud to say that our restaurant supports local industries. We get our ingredients and wines from our local suppliers. Right now, we have forged partnerships with our local suppliers namely Amber Waves Farm, Balsam Farms,Dock to Dish, Montauk Shellfish Company, W&T Seafood, Island Creek Oysters, Blue Island Oyster Company, Widows Hole Oyster Co., Channing Daughters Vineyard, and Paumanok Vineyard.

L&W Oyster supports sustainable agriculture so that in the process of providing our customers is great-tasting food and drinks, we do not harm the environment. We do not want to be a part of a business that harms plants, animals, and people. We want to have healthy ecosystems so that future generations can still enjoy thefruitsof Mother Nature. We want to maintain the biodiversity of our surroundings. We do notwant to sacrifice our very soils, waters, and air for the sake of our business. We believe that we can meet the demand of consumers for great-tasting food without comprising the ability of the generations to come to provide for their own food and other needs.

L&W Oyster wants to help our local producers and suppliers in their business as we support the local economy. It is also our way of ensuring the freshness of the ingredients that we have in our kitchen because the location of our suppliers is very near to our restaurant so there is shorter time spent on the transfer of goods which will ensure their freshness and quality. Rest assured, all our partner establishments have passed our strict requirements when it comes to the quality of their products. We hope that as you support L&W Oyster, you will also support these businesses so that our local economy will continue to flourish.

Sofriends, we encourage you to join us in our campaign to support local.