The L&W Oyster and its group of restaurants are all part of Restaurants Against Hunger. This is our way of giving back to the community especially to those who need it the most. The aim of Restaurants Against Hunger is to combat malnutrition in different parts of the world. Statistics show us that one out of nine people in the world suffers from malnutrition. That is equivalent to almost 800 million people who do not have access to healthyand nutritious food on their dining tables. We all know the severity of this issue. Once a person does nothave access to proper nutrition, it would affect his health. Malnutrition is also one of the leading causes of death especially in developing countries where almost 13% of people are undernourished. That is why L&W Oyster wants to be a part of the fight against hunger. We believe that it is unfair to be serving good and nutritious food and not do something about this global issue of malnutrition. We want to do something to be able to extend our help to the less fortunate. They may not be ableto dine in our restaurants but through the people who do eat in our restaurants, we are able to help those who are in need to have access to healthier and more nutritious food on their tables. For us, it is a simple thing to do since we always dine in different restaurants. But the impact of this simple act has a long-term benefit on those people who will be nourished. Data show that eating nutritious food has helped them improve their health and they are better able to cope in able or work. More importantly, it helps reduce the mortality rate due to malnutrition among developing countries. Let us all be a part of this worthy cause. Let us fight hunger and malnutrition.